About Me

Like most girls I was shown the basics of crochet before I started school. By the time, I was about eight I understood people would pay for crochet pieces, many of my mother’s neighbours bought doilies, tablecloths and much more mainly for the home. Crochet clothing had to be lined then, this made it unpopular for most people in the late 1950’s early 1960’s.

In the 1960’s fashion moved into a new era, with fun clothing and bright colours. The drab plain styles in browns, blacks and greys of the older generations went out, in came new fabrics and styles but most of all the wears now had the means to buy these new styles. Tighter fitting, shorter lengthen were much in vogue along with long flowing light garments. These long flowing clothing were given its own name “flower power” these two words sum up the 1960’s explosion of youth lead styles and colours in fashion Mary Quant and Carbide Street became known worldwide for the new movement in fashion.

In 2016 I entered for the first time the Crochet Guild of America winning first and second place in first time enter. The first place was a bridal outfit, no this was not the traditional flowing gown this. The outfit is an edge to edge skirt, trousers, jacket with train worked from the bottom edge, a second jacket without the train to wear after the ceremony and finally a relaxed bequest, which will not squeeze the midriff allowing your stomach to take in the wedding feast in comfort.

 The second place was another wedding outfit this was my take on a medieval wedding bodice. A little bit of back ground here; white was not the normal until Victorian times, or the flowing gown. Colour was very important, green, red, purple and what I have read as cloth of gold. Working in free form crochet and greens this colour has more than one connotation good luck, fertility these are two links with green. The bodice was form fitting I worked the different parts (motifs) then stitched the motif the to mesh a framework.  With small hooks and a short zip this kept the bodice close fitting with flowing motifs over the hips. Sleeves were made from sheer filmy fabric drawn in at the wrist. I made a long full skirt with crochet trim sawn to the middle front and back to finish off the outfit with draw bag and head covering with other trimmings making a belt and headband.